Polly is a foldable roll container optimized for manual handling operations. Using the associated adaptor pallet, the unit can be double-stacked during transportation providing extremely high vehicle fill both outbound and reverse logistics. The platform allows different product streams to be combined in a highly flexible solution resulting in major efficiency improvements in your supply chain.Empty units can be folded and stacked 5 times more efficiently than rigid cages both in transit and storage. An added benefit is that the adaptor pallet allows stacked Pollys to be stored at high level freeing up valuable operational space.


Technical specifications:

External dimensions 1000 x 600 x 1140 mm
Internal dimensions 962 x 518 x 972 mm
Unit tare weight 51 kg
Finish Zinc electro-plated + lacquer
Safe working load 500 kg
Loaded units / 13,5m trailer 52
Stacked units / 13,5m trailer 260
Max stacking (loaded on Adaptor Pallet)    2 high
Max stacking (nested) 5 high
Castors size     ø 100 mm
Castors type 2 fixed and 4 swivel
Wheel tread CPD, PU, Sandwich or Rubber


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