Vertical support

Steel vertical support for Systembox A4. Suitable to fix the Systembox A4 to a wall or a board. 
The inclination of the support keeps the depth of the column fixed when increasing the number o fthe Systemboxes A4. With fixing holes

Screws not included.


Lower wall support for Systembox A4 standard


Lower wall support for Systembox A4 Double

Lower steel vertical support suitable to increase the stability of the Systembox A4 s double column.

Screws not included.


Screw fixing kit for 1 column vertical support

Frontal plastic for Systembox A4


Upper plastic for Systembox A4



Upper plastic to fill the gap between 2 Systemboxes A4 in cascade configuration.


Application for plastics


Adhesive vinyl application for SYSB A4 frontal plastics or SYSB A4 upper plastics.
Applies color or interdiction symbol to the frontal and upper plastics for Sytembox A4, increasing the visual efficency.

Available formats


Katalogi vitka proizvodnja


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